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Top Strains of 2019
Lee Weeks
November 5, 2019
We are now over three-quarters of the way through 2019 so its about time for us to round up some of the most sought after strains of this year so far. With every strain packing a unique flavor and effects, it is hard to select the top strains. if you think we have missed any strain of please feel free to let us know. Every plant still needs to be looked after and cared for when it is in the growing process. Colorado growers have been pumping out fire ever since recreational sales began back in 2014, raising the bar every year. Did you know strains like Glue and Cookies coming from Colorado?

This is a countdown of the Best Flowers so far in 2019. without further due let's begin.


Best Strains to grow yourself

9.Bubble Jack

Bubble Jack is a mixture of Bubble gum and Jack Herer. Bubble gum is known for its calming effects perfect for stress release. if you are wondering, yes it tastes exactly like it sounds! Jack Herer is a lot more of a Sativa effect giving you uplifting citrus effects.

8.Strawberry Milkshake

this stain is a lot like Tiger’s Milk, don't go smoking this one during the day. Perfect for sleep this strain is very relaxing. If you are wanting to sit and watch some TV for a good few hours then this is the strain for you. With a THC content from 15% to 20%, this strain has been known for its strawberry punch. The Strain is a Hybrid strain combining the 2 effects.

7.Scooby Snacks

The most common way to make Scooby Snacks is to bred Mixing Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. But you can also Create it from GSC and Cherry Pie, or GSC and StarDawg. With a candy-like flavor, this strain will always sit in my top 10 strains. I got hooked on this strain from over 3 weeks. With calming and piney earthy tones I would recommend this strain to my firstborn.

6. Lilac Diesel

Dude here we have the heavy hitter's of 2019, Lilac Diesel and she is absolutely lovely! Lilac Diesel. I remember the first time I tried this strain. For about 20 minutes I had a very uplifting experience, with lots of energy. After about 25 minutes the energetic effects started to deteriorate and the munchies kicked in. If you have any neck pain I would recommend this strain. this strain is perfect for winding down before bed.

5. Gorilla Glue 5 (aka New Gorilla Glue)

Gorilla glue 5 flows its predecessor GG4 to become one of the most sought after strains of 2019. With a THC content ranging from 27-30%, this flower will have you thinking twice about having knees. She will have you in a melted mellow state not being able to move. having indica dominated genetics this one is a really relaxing strain. With a piney aroma and taste if you want to relax this one is definitely for you.


Gorilla glue Best strain of 2018

Taking a blunt hit or bong bowl of these buds results in an instant high that plunges the body into a stoned and melted state. The Indica-dominant nature of this strain ensures a high that will erase stress, ease tension, and induce couch-lock. The terpenes within the flowers give a piney taste and aroma that is equally as relaxing. Gorilla Glue 5 is a branchy strain with lots of lateral growth and can provide high yields both indoors and outdoors.

4. Bear Dance

Bear dance is one strain that I have been wanting to get my hands on all year. The THC is set to range from 20% to 34% THC. That's right over 30% THC. The Smell is of mint, anise, lemon, and chocolate. The effects of this one are quite balanced. Offering a euphoric buzz and a creative mindset while still maintaining a relaxed high

3. Pineapple Punch

This one is a Sativa-dominated hybrid with a pineapple punch! with a smooth Smoke, you will definitely taste the citrus. If you are a novice user then this one is not the one for you. She has been known to generate paranoia in those not ready. If you know what you are doing then this one will give you an energetic buss that pills users up mentally and physvaly.

2. Purple Punch Purple punch like the Pineapple Punch above is a very strong flower. With a modest 15-25% THC content this purple flower will have your mouth watering. Purple Punch is what's known as a dankenstein strain. This is a cross between two or more dank strains, grafter together to make the dankiest strain yet!

1. Strawberry Diesel

Here she Blow's, Number 1! The best strain of 2019 so far. Introducing to you, Strawberry Diesel. This strain will make you focused if you are wanting a strain for energy this is not the one. This strain allows users to create finish chores and deal with boring mundane things such as talking to the Kids or eating bread. this one will have you staring a band. The rich taste is complemented with a sweet strawberry tinge. As suggested by the name, this one has a fruity scent most resembling strawberries.

If you think we have missed a strain please let us know and we will see if it cuts it to enter the end of the year all time strains of 2019.
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