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Lee Weeks
November 5, 2019
T 5 Cheap Yet High-Quality Cannabis Strains if You’re Strapped for Cash.

According to the "Price of grass," the average price of "high quality" grass is $ 320 per ounce; The average price of "medium quality" weeds is $ 280 per ounce, and the site declined to give data on the cost of low quality weeds!

It is not space science: legalize marijuana and the price will fall. This fact is confirmed by the data. Possession of marijuana is not a criminal offense in Oregon and users benefit from low prices. An ounce of high quality grass costs only $ 210 in the state on average. If you decide to take a road trip and drive to Pennsylvania, the price goes up to almost $ 360 an ounce.

Clearly, living in a state where marijuana is legal increases your chances of finding low-cost weed that still hits the mark in terms of quality. It is a good idea to visit sites like Wikileaf that give you the opportunity to compare weed prices in cities and states.

Unfortunately, if you live in a state where there is no legal recreational market or medical marijuana laws that work, you will have to try the black market. Not only are the prices much higher, but you are also committing a state and federal crime that could lead to a serious jail sentence!

Your best bet for cheap legal marijuana is a medical marijuana dispensary where prices tend to be lower than anywhere else. You can buy an ounce of high-quality marijuana in Breckenridge, Colorado, for only $ 160 an ounce, for example. It is worthwhile to shop around because if you don't, you could end up paying $ 30 per gram when another clinic offers similar quality weed for only $ 8 per gram!

Naturally, buying in bulk reduces the price, and if you live in Colorado, you can grow your own! Despite California's reputation for marijuana, it is the state that should avoid prices. Cities like San Francisco, L.A. and San
Diego are among the most expensive in the United States.
What factors affect marijuana prices?

To find high quality and low price marijuana, it is crucial to understand the factors that drive prices in the first place.

1 - Taxation
As is the case with alcohol, taxes transform the marijuana of a low-priced item into an expensive one. Since each state has its own level of taxes, it is important to investigate and discover the worst culprits. For example, a retail tax of 37% is applied in the state of Washington, while the rate is approximately 20% in Oregon.

2 - Location
While taxes also have an impact on this factor, the main problem in location is supply and demand. As there is a significant level of demand in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, prices will be higher than in areas of lower demand. However, if you are an intelligent bargain hunter, you may find some stores with a huge supply of marijuana and few customers, which seems to be the case in many places in Oregon.
It is also a fact that the amount of places that sell marijuana in a given area is an important factor in prices. Obviously, if a large city has only a handful of stores, prices will rise.

3 - Quality
Although it is possible to find high-quality marijuana at reasonable prices, you cannot expect to find high-end marijuana at bargain prices. Strains that contain high levels of THC and CBD will not be cheap nor will marijuana be known for its fantastic smell or aesthetic.
On the other hand, spending the money that cost you so much to earn on low-grade marijuana is NOT an option, whether you use it for medicinal or recreational purposes. Remember the old saying: "Buy cheap, pay twice." Don't waste money in trash; shop around and save more to get the best marijuana experience possible.
In that sense, let's see five excellent varieties of marijuana that won't break the bank. We will provide the average price per gram for each variety along with the cheapest locations.

5 cheap but effective cannabis strains
Photo credit: marijuanaseedstrainreview

1 - Blue Magoo - The cannabis strain with the memorable name

The average price of this variety is $ 9.77 per gram, but you can get it for only $ 4 in Eugene, Oregon. Blue Magoo is a hybrid strain that contains a strong 16% THC. It is a cross between a Blueberry strain created by DJ Short and a William Wonder phenotype called F2.
Blue Magoo users find that it offers a sedative effect along with a cerebral high. While it is apparently a hybrid, this variety is considered more suitable, so it is a surprise to hit you so fast. Despite the sedative effects, Blue Magoo provides a slight mental stimulation before finally helping you fall asleep.

2 - Northern Lights - West Coast's favorite cannabis strain
At an average price of $ 7.71 per gram, it's hard to go wrong with Northern Lights. You can buy it for only $ 4 per gram in Eugene, Oregon, which is clearly one of the best places in the United States to buy high quality weed at reduced prices.

Northern Lights is also one of the most famous varieties, since smokers love the high THC content (21%) of this Indica. As it is so powerful, it only takes a couple of strokes to start feeling the effects. It all starts with a euphoric and relaxed feeling, and is the ideal strain to treat insomnia and depression.

3 - Bubba Kush - The sweet-flavored cannabis strain
Bubba Kush costs an average of $ 9.47 per gram, but you can get it for $ 7 in Portland, Oregon. This indica variety is extremely high in THC (up to 27%), and as it is 100% indica, you can expect the sofa to be your best friend shortly after smoking it!

One thing you will notice about Bubba Kush is the distinctive sweet taste that you enjoy when smoking it. It hits you pretty fast thereafter and you should feel completely relaxed. It is definitely NOT a strain to use during the day, but if you need a good night's sleep, Bubba Kush is the answer.

4 - Jager - The Knockout Marijuana Strain
If you have a great need for sleep, you will be pleased to know that one gram of Jager costs only $ 8.33 on average. You can buy it at Eugene for $ 6 per gram. It is a dominant indica hybrid (80%) with a high THC content of 23%. You will notice the sweet and earthy aroma of licorice before smoking and an intensely sweet taste when exhaling. Jager is largely a nighttime tension because eventually, the effects will overwhelm the body and mind and you will almost feel as if you are drunk! The difference is that you won't wake up with a hangover!
5 - White Widow - The basic cannabis strain of Amsterdam coffee shops
If you were ever in Amsterdam in the 1990s, you probably smoked White Widow, as it was one of the favorite coffee shops. Its popularity has not diminished in the decades since then, so it is a surprise to find it available for $ 7.63 per gram on average. Again, you'll find it for just $ 4 or $ 5 per gram in Eugene.
It is a dominant sativa hybrid (60%) that contains up to 25% THC along with small amounts of CBD and CBN. If you are looking for a variety of marijuana to relax and relax, White Widow is the perfect choice. Only be careful if you are a newbie because the sweet sugary smoke produced by this strain could cause coughing attacks in those who are not used to the experience.
Final thoughts on high-quality and low-cost cannabis strains

With the growth of the industry, it is no longer a case of "weeds are hard to find." You can find dozens of exceptional strains for less than $ 10 per gram and best of all; So many varieties are offered that you can find the ones that fit your specific needs.


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