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At Pot Pigeon we use cookies to help improve your experience browsing our site. We aim to make your visit the best it can be. When you go on our site our web server sends cookies to your computer. this allows us to identify your computer but not the user. When you log in to the site, then we know that the cookie information relates to you. By continuing beyond this page you give your consent to use your cookies to make your experience much better.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are used when you connect to a website. These parts of the data track information about your visit to the site. Most cookies only last for the duration of your session on the site and expire after you have closed down our browser. Other cookies are only used where you are asked to remember your login details for the next time you visit the site. These will last for a much longer time.

Why do we use cookies?

At Pot Pigeon the cookies we use are explained below and are based on the International Chamber of Commerce guidelines for cookie categories.

1. We only use Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies allow you to use vital features on our site such as allowing you to order cannabis online easier.

The main features on our site require strictly necessary cookies to perform local dispensary searches and also find the neariest dispensary to you. this is done by remembering your zip code in a cookie. Cookies are also used to store your shopping cart. We can also Identify you as being logged in to PotPigeon.com and can ensure that you can access the appropriate features around our site.

if you wish not to accept the Cookie policy then you will be unable to use our site to order from the finest cannabis dispensaries in America and Canada.

View the list of strictly necessary cookies

2.Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect info about what you do on our site and how you use it. this helps us improve the quality and overall feel of the site.

Our performance cookies don't collect info on you that potentially could identify you. Every piece of performance cookie collected is anonymous and is used by us to:

Monitor where users arrive from and what traffic source brought them to the site; Help track and monitor where errors are coming from to fix as soon as possible; provide realtime stats on how our site is being used; View last performance cookie

3. Functionality cookies

If this still hasn't answered your question you can simply visit Pot Pigeons privacy policy and here you can find all the information about how we use your personal information you give us, altho as said before not all cookies will capture your identity.

We are striving continuously to improve and develop ways to manage or cookies to give you the best experience. As new tech comes along the cookies policy may be updated to reflect such advances.

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