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Haze Strain
Lee Weeks
November 5, 2019
T he varieties the Haze Strain Haze cannabis varieties are native to Central America. The pure strains (Landrace) of this region are known for their bitter-sweet aroma and the lively and cheerful effect they provide to the consumer.
Authentic Haze is purely Sativa and can become excessively high. If you want to succeed in growing a Haze inside and want it to grow completely, you need a large piece of culture. The buds are quite light and the crop may be rare for such a large plant, however, this is offset by its exceptional potency.

Haze cannabis offers unique effects that have become an object of worship. Fog lovers can go a long way to reproduce the magnificent characteristics of this species. Even the High Life Cup has a special "Haze" cup that is awarded annually to the best variety Haze grown.

Haze: A very popular variety

Generally, the variety that meets all Haze qualities is considered the winner of the High Life Cup. Neville's Haze, for example, bred to contain the best Haze species, has undergone a long process of selection and hybridization in which the best properties of a set of Haze phenotypes are selected.
Original Haze is also a popular variety. Although he may not seem so by name, he was crossed with Asian Sativas. The Original Haze embodies this high and cheerful effect typical of Haze species and won the 2008 High Life Cup. Of the Haze currently available, Greenhouse provides some of the best varieties and the amount of trophies that accumulate confirms it.
You can not talk about the Haze variety without mentioning Arjan's Haze 2, Super Silver Haze and Super Lemon Haze. These three "bombs" are downright popular and very good examples of what can be achieved with the great old-school genetics and modern breeding techniques. It combines the wonderful effects of Haze species with a larger and more powerful production.

Cannabis Blue (marijuana strains)

Any variety of cannabis that contains blueberries in its genetic heritage belongs to the species "Blue Cannabis". In the late '70s, Dutch Passion developed the original Blueberry, which won many High Times cups. Blueberry cannabis is one of the main Indica varieties, its leaves are dark and tend to turn purple and blue. Although its production is slightly lower than the average of the other varieties, it contains high levels of THC (almost 20%), producing a powerful and euphoric effect that seems more typical of Sativa and not so much of an Indica, despite the size of the plant.

Probably, the most outstanding quality of the Blueberry variety is its characteristic fruity and strong aroma at the same time, and its flavor, reminiscent of blueberries.


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