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Uk to legalise cannabis within 5 years
Lee Weeks
November 5, 2019
U Indeed, we are going to deal with a considerably controversial issue, with many people in favor and against: the situation of cannabis or marijuana in the United Kingdom. We are going to do it without getting wet, obviously, but it is important to know what situation this drug is in the islands.

The British trajectory with respect to the possession and consumption of marijuana and cannabis and its products has been quite irregular, going from moments in which the pressure was softened to others in which it has been quite repressive.

In fact, decriminalization trials have been carried out in 2002. And a reclassification at a lower level in 2004. But unfortunately for consumers, the situation is currently the worst in Europe.

Cannabis: Possession, Consumption and Cultivation of Marijuana in the United Kingdom Where is the Legality? Is it Drug Trafficking?

Well, if we enter the website of the British Government we can see that marijuana is currently a Class B drug . What does this imply? That legal penalties for carrying or consuming cannabis can carry indefinite fines and prison sentences of up to five years.

Yes, it is true that the police are taking this a bit more relaxed and it is rare that one of those unpayable fines and much less imprisonment fall first .

Usually, if there is a small amount of cannabis (something that can be considered as self-consumption, for example), a warning is issued first. If there is a second offense, it is fined about £ 90, and from the third one they are already hardened.

These small warnings and penalties do not appear anywhere as criminal records (it is good to know because they ask for the certificate of penalties in many jobs and could throw you back for having).

But yes, the data stays forever in the databases of the Police National Computer .

Marijuana use in the United Kingdom (UK): Sale of cannabis and drug trafficking

This is something else. If you get caught selling cannabis joints in London or any city in England or the United Kingdom, the resulting penalties are in jail: 14 years in prison and fines that can be really high.

As before, this is only the theory and applies to quantities already close to large-scale drug trafficking. Typically, there is a fine or small prison sentence that can be commuted for community or similar services. It depends anyway on the history of each individual.

Of course, if you are a repeat offender, be prepared because you will have more problems. If you go from having to sell you can find your bones in jail for a while.

There are several types of sanctions that depend on the amount of cannabis that is intervened. They are sorted according to what they call " Damage Categories ."

The Category 1.

It is trade of the highest, for which maximum penalties can be applied without hesitation. The minimum amount of marijuana or cannabis that you should have in your hands to be treated with this category is 200 kilos. You may never see so much marijuana or cannabis together, but let us know.

The category 2.

This implies a lot less, but it is still enough for an entire person to have it, no matter how much they like smoking. It is between 40 and 200kg . If the police discover that you have at home an amount between 6 and 40kg they will apply to category 3 . That still 6 kilograms are many kilograms, considering that normal marijuana is sold in bags of grams. That we enter the most usual and weak of the categories.

The category 4.

It is the slightest, implies that you have been caught with more than 100 grams of cannabis on top . It's not too much, it's a rather small amount and it's easier to find people with this amount.

For quantities less than 100 grams there are usually no traffic or distribution charges, they are usually regarded more as self-consumption.

Of course, it also depends on how the defendant is found. There are three main roles , in increasing order of gravity:

Leading role , which is how the ringleader of a drug trafficking network is considered , for example, or his closest bosses.

Significant role. These would be those that work for some illegal organization but are not close to the head of the same, so they move less amounts of drugs and money.

Lesser role: Usually these are the errands, those that retail along the street and who may have been involuntarily dragged into this situation and have absolutely no weight in any organization.

That is to say that if you are caught and it turns out that you are the biggest drug dealer in an organization dedicated to large-scale smuggling of marijuana or cannabis, be prepared because about 20 years in the shade nobody will save you.

Marijuana in the United Kingdom: Growing cannabis weed

The cultivation of the plant or herb is as punishable as the sale: up to 14 years in prison (without considering aggravating factors) and unlimited fines for the offender. The damage category in this case depends on the estimated production calculated in each case.

Large greenhouses and large houses converted into drug factories

Large rooms and medium-sized floors used for this sole purpose of producing cannabis herb.

Between 10 and 28 normal sized plants

In the words of the Government, “national operations of 9 plants”

It is important to note that in category 4 it is taken as mitigating that the person involved has medically prescribed the use of marijuana or cannabis, so it is rare to see prison sentences in cases of people with serious and proven medical conditions.

Ironically, cannabis seeds of any kind can be owned, sold and bought, but it is illegal to germinate or grow them. The question is simple: “why would I want them if not? To enrich the soup? ”

Marijuana or Cannabis Herb: The Status of its Use as Medicine in the United Kingdom

There is only one company in the United Kingdom that is legalized to produce cannabis- based drugs: GW Pharmaceuticals.

Only use it for a product, a sublingual spray called Sativex and that is considerably expensive: a treatment with this medicine goes at £ 500 per month.

As a general rule, if a doctor prescribes marijuana or cannabis to a patient, he will have to go to get Begroan, supported by the governments of the Netherlands and Canada and whose price is between 80 and 95% cheaper than Sativex.

Of course, you cannot enter from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom (UK) with Begroan in the suitcase no matter how prescribed it is.

Drug and cannabis or marijuana use in the United Kingdom

There is much controversy regarding the consumption, purchase or sale of cannabis both in the United Kingdom and in a large number of countries. Cannabis is a drug that is also used as medicine. United Kingdom (UK) has a legalized company for the sale of medical cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Political parties in the United Kingdom and cannabis or marijuana

It is from the government where the laws come from, therefore it is the parties that decide the legalization, illegalization, rise or fall of the drug category. Let's review the main British currents and their opinion about it.

Marijuana in the United Kingdom: Conservatives The Conservative Party, currently in power, has always been openly against legalizing any type of drug. In fact, they have hardened the penalties for driving under the influence of cannabis: you can only mark a maximum of 2 µg / l of blood, a very small amount.

Marijuana in the United Kingdom: Labor

The main opposition party has had many blows on this issue. Tony Blair softened the situation by lowering his risk class from B to C, and five years later Gordon Brown returned him to the top level.

During the past year, they declared that they were going to promote early intervention before the problems "got out of hand", which brings him closer to conservative thinking.

Marijuana in the United Kingdom: UKIP

The British independence party declares itself totally in favor of the decriminalization of drugs. They consider that the war against them was lost many years ago and that this is the most effective form of struggles against drug trafficking.

Marijuana in the United Kingdom: SNP (Scottish National Party)

Scotland's claims of independence have put this party on the front page of British politics. They are in favor of drug policy becoming the competence of their Scottish Parliament. The leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgis, is in favor of the decriminalization of cannabis.

Marijuana in the United Kingdom: Liberal Democrats

Traditionally progressive, lib-dems are in favor of the decriminalization of cannabis as announced by their leader, Nick Clegg. They want to do it by having under their magnifying glass the situation of the drug Uruguay and certain states of North America where it is legalized.


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