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Ways to get High
Lee Weeks
November 5, 2019
With Cannabis becoming more and more popular people are looking for different ways to get high. There are many ways to get high from Cannabis - from hitting a blunt to jumping in a warm bath with Cannabis bath bombs. With more and more states legalizing cannabis for recreational use more and more, users are switching to other methods to get high.

So for everyone new to cannabis use and those pros who just want to see if they are missing anything. Here is our list of the best ways to get high.

6. Vape

This one has come from nowhere and now is one of the most popular ways to get high in America. Vaping is very good for heating the cannabinoids in the plant to the right temperature. when smoking cannabis in a joint the temperature at which it burns is 200 degrees and the cannabinoids are triggered at 170 degrees. This means that because Vapes regulate their temperature better than a naked flame you get higher! With a Clean smoke-free taste, it will have you thinking if you inhaled correctly. give it a few seconds and it will kick in!

With vaping coming out of the blue tho there are still many studies to be done on the effects it has on your body, with new studies suggesting that it can cause negative long-term health effects.

Read more about that here on Vaping - The dangerous


bongs are like a pipe on steroids. the principle is the same but the chamber on a bong is much bigger allowing you more smoke. The Bong is filled with water,(some bongs allow you to add ice for a Smooooooooth toke) then you add your cannabis into the bowl. Use a lighter to start the smoke and start sucking. the chamber will fill up with thick white smoke. when you are ready to pull the bow out and take a deep breath and take all the smoke. if you have never tried a Bong before this will have you pinned to the couch. Please if it is your first time smoking cannabis don't do a bong after a heavy hight out. you will turn green.

4. Blunt

I would not have a Blunt alone, with friends however there is nothing better than sparking up a blunt and passing it amongst friends. Blunts are rolled with wraps like shells of a cigar. Most Blunt wraps come in premade cones. all that's needed is to pour the cannabis into the blunt. The roach is usually made from wood or bamboo for an earthy smoke. A blunt will easily hold 1/2 grams or more! Cigars filled with cannabis are becoming more and more common with some coming in at over $300. With every flavor imaginable if you are in a large group of people in ould strongly recommend everyone chipping in for a Blunt.

3.Edibles You don’t need to breathe in smoke to get high no-no. one of the fastest-growing parts of the cannabis industry is edibles. With lots of different Cannabis cookbooks, you will be spoiled for choice. Even Snoop Dogg has a book. The usual way to add cannabis into your dish is ether butter but you can also use milk, honey, coconut or oil. If you are from one of the states in the USA where Cannabis has been legalized then you will be able to buy edibles from a dispensary. Even cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages are available now!

2. Spliff

There is only one thing I like more than one spliff and that's two spliffs. what is the difference between a spliff and a blunt and a joint? a spliff is in papers with Cannabis and tobacco. Spliff is a West Indian word of Jamaican English origin. Now I know that this isn't for everyone, most who don't smoke tobacco would never choose to smoke it. I smoke so I prefer a good blend of tobacco and cannabis. The tobacco enhances the taste of cannabis and also makes it easier to roll long spliffs with less cannabis. Most times I try and roll without tobacco I end up with a joint that sideburns and goes out. so I always add tobacco to my spliffs.

1. Joints

Call me old fashioned, but you can't beat a good joint! Since cannabis was discovered people have been smoking Joints. That's a thousand years of rolling. It is the best way and most classic way of consuming cannabis and is still the most common way to partake in taking. I love the taste of the smoke and you can feel it start in your lungs, forme that is why I love it. As soon as you smoke a joint you know how strong it is and when to stop.

There is not only one way to roll a joint follow this link to look at some of the best joints ever rolled!
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